RawFully traveling..


Ready for take off.. RawFullyNuts is heading towards Thailand, for the Fruit Winter Festival to see old “fruit bat friends” and hopefully make lot’s of new ones!! Here I’ll share my (mostly raw) vegan travel tips with you guys.

Keep you updated!

Love Aleid

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Spiced Chocolate Mousse & a Zesty Orange Frosting


In love…with this’heartful’ of delicious spiced chocolate mousse with an orange frosting on top!!! Still have an impressive batch of brown, tasty, raw delicious chocolate mousse.. Just waiting to be devoured!

imageThis raw MOUSSE is so easy to make:

🌟 3 ripe avocado’s,
🌟 1/2 C of raw cacao,
🌟vanilla powder/extract,
🌟few dates and
🌟1C sweetener of your choice,
🌟 pinch of cinnamon, cayenne and cardamom powder (last just a tiny bit)

Blend all the ingredients together. You might want to add a bit of water, or plant based milk to help the blender! Just keep adding cacao and sweetener until you don’t taste the avocado and the chocolate taste rules!!

The FROSTING is a little dessert on its own, almost too good to be true and again very simple:image
🌟3 spoons of almond paste,
🌟one spoon of coconut oil,
🌟1 spoon sweetener of your choice,
🌟1/2 spoon of orange juice and add a bit of orange zeste!

Stir and let it sit in the fridge for a few minutes.. Decorate your mousse with the surprising taste of zesty orange. Great way to give your cakes, pies and desserts that extra NOMNOM!!

❤ Aleid




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Breaking the silence..

It has been a while since Ive been active on my blog. This has to do me being in conflict with myself. Am I going “Dutch”.. or “English”. The result was, I did nothing. Well, here I am to break the silence. I have decided to go both ways, alternate between English for blogs that will interest all and Dutch blogs/advertisements for workshops etc I will organize. aleid fruitbat

A little update about myself:
Although it has been silence, this doesn’t mean I have fallen of the wagon. On the contrary, where two  years ago I would sometimes eat animal products, nowadays I have been strictly vegan for over a year. Also, I have made the change from eating gourmet (high-fat), to a high-carb-low-fat (mostly raw) vegan lifestyle. It is also called 80-10, where the numbers stands for 80% of your calories coming from carbohydrates, 10% of your calories coming from protein, and 10% from fat. I strongly believe that, when eating clean, which means free from animal proteins and fats, you can eat more than the “normal” adviced standarts of 2000 kcal (for women). For example, I generally eat around 2500-3000 kcal a day. I will get into the whole ‘low-fat’ vegan die/lifestyle later, this was just a “Hi, I’m back!” blog 🙂 Btw, this doesn’t mean that I will only post low-fat recipe’s, no! It is my passion to inspire others to follow a more plantbased diet, wether it be high-carb, or gourmet.

So, with no further ado.. Let’s blog healthy, fun and delicious stuff!!!

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Nieuwe workshop: Let’s get RAW: taarten, toetjes & tussendoortjes!

Zoetekauwers opgelet! Er staat weer een nieuwe workshop ‘Let’s get RAW: taarten, toetjes en tussendoortjes’ op de planning, schrijf op in je agenda..  Voor reserveringen en vragen kun je terecht bij aleid@rawfullynuts.com. Tot 28 september.

Liefs Aleid

28 september

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Rise & Shine water

Preppin’ tomorrows ‘waky waky, rise & shine’ water. Lemon-mint-cucumber infused water with sole. When you’re asleep, your body is busy to clean out your body. When you wake up, you can help your body flushing nasty toxins through your system by hydrating your body. Cucumber is known to have citrulline, an amino acid that helps the liver and kidney get rid of ammonia (from external input, as well as a by-product of our own metabolism but which is quite damaging to our cells). Lemon helps regulate our digestive system as well as fresh mint.

This waky waky wet thing is very refreshing, cleansing and hydrating as you can see. Agreat way to start off your day :-))

Few slices of cucumber
1/2 Lemon
Few mint leaves
Filtered water
Mineral rich sea salt (not white salt!!!) Jar with lid
Large glass

what to do:
-First you prepare the sole. Take your jar and fill this 1/3 with the mineral rich sea salt, I prefer to use Celtic sea salt. Now fill up the rest of the jar 2/3 with filtered water. Put the lid back on the jar and shake it. Wait a while so the water can absorb the salt. Now your sole is ready.

– put the ccucumber, mint and lemon in a large glass. Add a teaspoon of sole to the glass and then fill it up with filtered water. Let the glass rest overnight in a cool place.

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FOODIE-MEETUP summer edition

foodiemeetupRawfullynuts heeft de handen ineen geslagen met ‘Garden of Life’ en een nieuw event opgezet! Ben jij geïnteresseerd in voeding en gezondheid en online actief daarmee bezig?? Dan is de volgende middag echt iets voor jou: Foodie-meetup op 5 juli 2014!! Deze dag komt bloggend/Instagrammend/facebookend/twitterend foodieland bijeen. Er zullen een paar sprekers aan het woord komen met leuke onderwerpen zoals mindfull eten, oil pulling en waarom, supplementeren en de Vegan Challenge wordt onder de aandacht gebracht. Wat is een ‘foodie-meetup’ zonder eten? Als een warme zomderdag zonder ijsje..! Daarom bieden we tussendoor een heerlijke lunch aan met voor iedereen wat wils. Nadien vindt de borrel plaats, ultieme gelegenheid te netwerken door de persoon achter foto’s, blog of profiel te leren kennen.

In een notendop:
Wat: FOODIE-MEETUP summer edition, de plek om andere ‘foodies’ te ontmoeten. Incl lunch en borrel.
Wanneer: 5 juli 2014, 11 – 14:00
Waar: Almere (zowel met auto als trein goed te bereiken, parkeren is gratis)
Kosten: GRATIS!!!
Aanmelden: info@iklustjeraw.nl

Heb je nog vragen kun je hier een bericht achterlaten, bij aleid@rawfullynuts.com, of het bovenstaande adres.

Zie jullie op 5 juli
Liefs Aleid

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RawFullyNuts @ Viva las Vegas Food Festival

On the 29th of Juin, there will be an awesome plant based food festival called the ‘Viva Las Vegas Food Festival'(VLVFF). This event is the largest vegetarian festival in the Netherlands, this will be the fourth edition. The Food Festival will take place at Oldschool in Amsterdam South.

Vegan, Vegetarians or anyone interested in enjoying a day full of good food, workshops, music, movies and more are welcome to join. For the children there will be a variety of things to do as well.

Keep Sunday, June 29st free in your calendar and invite friends, family and anyone interested in food!
Admission to the festival is FREE, with the exception of films and workshops.

Guess what..?! Rawfullynuts will be there as well, hosting a workshop on how to make a RAW CHEESECAKE!! Really looking forward to it!
If you want to check out the website of VLVFF click here.. If you want more (Dutch) information on my workshop, click here.

Guess what.. Rawfullynuts will be on the scene as well
Viva Las Vega’s Food Festival
Sunday June 29, 2014
11:00 to 22:00 hours
Location: Oldschool
Gaasterlandstraat 5 Amsterdam

Hope to see you there 🙂

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Red Cabbage Juice: full of goodness


Let’s get colorful: Pre-workout red cabbage juice! Although I’m a big fan of wheatgrass, it’s always good to go for other veggie juices as well! Maybe this leafy red veg does not cross your mind immediately when you think of ‘green’ juice, but hopefully the information (in a nutshell) below will get you excited!

Red cabbage help prevent colon cancer, high cholesterol, diabetes and obesity because the colorful cabbage is high in dietary fiber! Vitamins? Think of high amounts of A, B6 en 9, C and K1! Not only is red cabbage a powerhouse of vitamins, also minerals are available in abundance as well, like manganese (important for good function of skeletal, immune and neurological systems), iron , potassium, and calcium. When compared with other veggies, red cabbage contains one of the highest amount of antioxidants which may decrease the risk of heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease and cancer. Anthocyanins are a type of flavonoid antioxidants (that inhibit the damage on DNA by free radicals) and studies have shown that red cabbage contains over 30 different kinds of anthocyanins. High amounts of anthocyanins are linked to weight loss and improved cardiovascular health!!
Red cabbage in a nutshell..

So that’s why it is important to get your ‘greens’ in ;-))

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Early morning hydration

What’s being served? The best way to start the day: green juice (today it’s: wheatgrass, green cabbage and cucumber), lemon-infused-sole water and rejuvelac! This way your body gets its green in almost intravenous, it get’s hydrated instantly and your digestion will be supported by the probiotics.. GOOD MORNING, I’m ready to rumble this day !!

With love Aleid

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My festival fruit stash….


I’m back!!! Went to this awesome festival that started on Friday until Monday, called Bungalente. Music, parties, dancing all night long, hardly any sleep :-s, awesome energy and ofcourse (at least in my case..)FRUIT!!!! Look at my stash 😄 While half of the parc was binging on fast food, I devoured mangoes, watermelons, bananas and dates 😉 It isn’t always easy to stay ‘raw’, a lot of temptations will knock on your door.. To make it a lot easier, be prepared! Like I did, this weekend 🙂


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